Residential & Commercial

Concrete Grinding, Concrete Polishing, Concrete Staining, Concrete Repair, Surface Preparation, Resurfacing, Resealing.

Interior Floor Removal
Carpet glue, VCT, old coatings, oil stains, floor paints, epoxy coatings and etc.

Interior Project Ideas
Garage Floors, Basements, Storage Rooms, Offices, Warehouses, Restaurant Kitchens, Art Galleries, Commercial Restrooms, Laundry Mats, Laundry Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Commercial Office Space

Concrete Grinding, Power Washing, Pressure Washing, Concrete Repair, Resealing, Resurfacing.

Exterior Project Ideas
Driveways, Walkways, Porches, Entryways, Parking Garages and etc.