Getting Ready For Winter

Getting ready for winter–Make sure your exterior concrete has a good sealer down it for the winter. The best wait to test–place a cup water on the surface and see if it soaks in–if it does then it is time for a reseal.

Salt: Make sure the salt is friendly to your concrete and do not place down excessive amounts.

Green Initiatives

    • We carry products will low V.O.C ( Volatile Organic Compound).  
    • Water-based products.
    • We recycle all of our metal, plastic and paper packaging.
  • We have a solid waste company disposal of our waste materials.

Summer, Fall, Spring Patio Project


  • Old patio looking rough here are a couple of options.
      • Power wash with a mild clean.
      • Apply a clear concrete sealer.
      • Apply a tinted sealer.
    • Apply a concrete resurfacer over the top of it. (note-These ideas will not prevent cracks from coming back but might hide them a little more)

Going Green

Going Green’s main objective is to off set Greenhouse gases emitted by human activities that can range from complex industrial production processes to using high V.O.C coating products.

We offer low V.O.C products, water-based sealers and coatings. We also use friendly chemicals when stripping or cleaning of a floor surface. (soy based)